Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Xcode Build Setting Reference.

2010-10-05Added build settings for the Interface Builder compiler.

Added “Interface Builder Compiler Build Settings.”


Added “VALIDATE_PRODUCT (Validate Built Product).”


Added “GCC_WARN_ABOUT_GLOBAL_CONSTRUCTORS (Global Construction or Destruction Required).”

2010-07-01Made minor content corrections.

Added “TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY (Targeted Device Family).”


Updated “IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET (iOS Deployment Target)” with new value information.


Updated “SDKROOT (Base SDK)” with new value information.

2009-10-19Added information about SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 extensions.

Added “GCC_ENABLE_SSE41_EXTENSIONS (Enable SSE4.1 Extensions).”


Added “GCC_ENABLE_SSE42_EXTENSIONS (Enable SSE4.2 Extensions).”

2009-05-28Updated default value for the Valid Architectures build setting.

Updated “VALID_ARCHS (Valid Architectures).”

2009-03-04Added build settings to manage PNG-file compression, dependent libraries, and product architectures.

Added “COMPRESS_PNG_FILES (Compress .png files).”


Added “EXECUTABLE_PATH,” “LD_DYLIB_INSTALL_NAME (Dynamic Library Install Name),” “LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS (Runpath Search Paths).”


Added “ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH (Build Active Architecture Only).”

2009-02-04Made minor corrections.

Updated “CACHE_ROOT” and “SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR (Precompiled Headers Cache Path)” with new value information.


Corrected values in “SCRIPTS_FOLDER_PATH.”

2008-11-19Made minor changes.

Removed information about OTHER_LDFLAGS_<ARCH> and OTHER_LDFLAGS_<VARIANT>_<ARCH>.


Added information about conditional build settings to “Introduction.”


Undocumented ZeroLink.

2008-10-15Added build settings and made content changes.

Added “GCC_ENABLE_OBJC_GC (Objective-C Garbage Collection),” “INFOPLIST_OUTPUT_FORMAT,” “INFOPLIST_OTHER_PREPROCESSOR_FLAGS (Info.plist Other Preprocessor Flags),” “INFOPLIST_PREFIX_HEADER (Info.plist Preprocessor Prefix File),” “INFOPLIST_PREPROCESS (Preprocess Info.plist File),” “INFOPLIST_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS (Info.plist Preprocessor Definitions),” “IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET (iOS Deployment Target).”


Added information to “USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS (User Header Search Paths).”


Added aliases for a few build settings.


Corrected value information for “TARGET_NAME” and “PROJECT_NAME.”


Removed information about ONLY_LINK_ESSENTIAL_SYMBOLS (Only Link Essential Symbols), PER_ARCH_CFLAGS_<ARCH>.

2008-05-21Update for Xcode 3.1.

Added STRINGS_FILE_OUTPUT_ENCODING to “Build Properties Build Settings.”


Added armv6 to “VALID_ARCHS (Valid Architectures).”

2006-11-07Added x86_64 to the default value of the VALID_ARCHS build setting.
2006-10-03Added information for the GCC_ENABLE_SYMBOL_SEPARATION and ONLY_LINK_ESSENTIAL_SYMBOLS build settings.

Added information for “GCC_ENABLE_SYMBOL_SEPARATION (Separate PCH Symbols)” andONLY_LINK_ESSENTIAL_SYMBOLS (Only Link Essential Symbols).

2006-05-23New document that describes the build settings used in the Xcode build system to compile source code and produce binary files.