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DRFile.h Reference

File objects used in filesystem creation.

A DRFile object is a subclass of DRFSObject and represents a file on the finished disc. A file can be either a pointer to an exiting file (residing on a hard drive for example) or can be created at burn time from data passed into the file object as requested. DRFiles can only exist inside of virtual DRFolder objects.

Included Headers

  • <Foundation/Foundation.h>

  • <DiscRecording/DRFSObject.h>

  • <AvailabilityMacros.h>

Data Types

See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Index used for accessing the forks of a file.


    typedef UInt32 DRFileFork;


    The data fork and resource fork always have fixed indices. Other forks may be allowed in the future.

    Import Statement


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    extern NSString* const DRLinkTypeFinderAlias; extern NSString* const DRLinkTypeHardLink; extern NSString* const DRLinkTypeSymbolicLink;


    • DRLinkTypeFinderAlias

      A Finder alias.

    • DRLinkTypeHardLink

      A hard link.

    • DRLinkTypeSymbolicLink

      A symbolic link.

  • Declaration

    enum { DRFileForkData = 0, DRFileForkResource = 1 };


    • DRFileForkData

      The data fork contains the primary information for the file and is the fork used for files such as JPEGs, text files, etc.

    • DRFileForkResource

      The resource fork contains secondary meta-data, which is not important to the primary content of the file and may safely be ignored when the file is sent to a filesystem or OS which does not support multiple forks. See Inside Macintosh: Resources for more information on the format of a resource fork.


    Enumerated constants used to select the type of file fork.