FxPlug Framework Reference

Developed by Apple’s Professional Applications group, the FxPlug SDK is a compact yet powerful image processing plug-in architecture that lets you create new effects for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Motion.

Leveraging technologies such as OpenGL, Quartz, Quartz Composer, and Core Image, you can develop unique plug-ins that include on-screen controls and custom user interface elements—all running seamlessly in the host application. FxPlug supports both hardware-accelerated and CPU-based effects.

To write a plug-in for Motion, Final Cut, or Final Cut Express you use the FxPlug SDK. The bulk of this SDK consists of Objective-C protocol definitions. You create a plug-in by writing code in Objective-C or Objective-C++ that conforms to these protocols. That is, you implement the methods declared by the protocols. The host application provides the capabilities in all the protocols that have the API suffix. Your plug-in is responsible for implementing the other protocols.


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