Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Image Unit Tutorial.

2011-06-06Corrected a broken link to the ImageUnitAnalyzer tool.
2009-05-06Updated line 7 of listing 2-7.
2008-06-09Updated the table of input parameters to kernel routines.

Corrected typographical errors in the code.

2008-04-08Corrected several technical errors in the code listings.

Made corrections to the detective lens filter image unit methods outputImage and init.


Made one change in the outputImage method of the pixellate filter.

2007-12-11Fixed minor technical error.

Added details on the valid classes for filter input parameters that you can declare in the description.plist file for an image unit. See The Image Unit Template in Xcode.

2007-03-20New document that shows how to write and package image processing filters.