Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to AGL Reference.

2007-10-31Updated with three new functions.

Added the functions aglCreatePixelFormat and aglDisplaysOfPixelFormat.


Added deprecation summaries to aglDevicesOfPixelFormat and aglQueryRendererInfo.


Corrected a typographical error in the function name aglQueryRendererInfoForCGDirectDisplayIDs.

2007-07-18Updated for OS X v10.5.

Added the functions aglSetWindowRef, aglGetWindowRef, aglSetHIViewRef, aglGetHIViewRef, and aglQueryRendererInfoForCGDirectDisplayIDs.


Updated aglChoosePixelFormat and “Buffer and Renderer Attributes”.


Revised the texture target information in aglCreatePBuffer.


Revised the discussion of aglSetFullScreen.


Revised the discussion of aglSetPBuffer.


Updated renderers in “Renderer IDs”.

2006-05-23Made content and formatting changes throughout the book.

Revised “Introduction.”


Edited content to make it more consistent with other Apple OpenGL documentation.


Fixed formatting.


Added See Also sections.

2005-12-06Updated several function descriptions.
2005-10-04 Updated the introduction. Made numerous editorial and stylistic changes throughout.

Revised the Introduction to include a definition of the term drawable object, which is now used throughout the reference.


Removed conceptual and task information from the Introduction because this information is in AGL Programming Guide.


Organized functions by task.


Added availability and header information.


Added reference documentation for symbols in the aglRenderers.h header file.


Removed duplicate material from the Constants section.


Fixed typographical errors.

2005-08-11 Changed title from "Apple OpenGL Reference."
2005-04-29 Updated for OS X v10.4 Tiger