Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGAffineTransform Reference.

2009-05-26Updated function descriptions to account for differences between OS X and iPhone coordinate systems.
2008-04-08Made minor corrections.

Updated float data types for CGAffineTransform to CGFloat.

2007-12-04Added information about the relationship between matrices and the affine transform structure.
2006-12-22Updated for OS X v10.5.

Changed all instances of the float data type to CGFloat data type.

2005-04-29 Updated for OS X v10.4.

Added documentation for the functions CGAffineTransformIsIdentity, CGAffineTransformEqualToTransform, and CGRectApplyAffineTransform.


Added introductory material and the constant CGAffineTransformIdentity.


First version of this document. An earlier version of this information appeared in Quartz 2D Reference.