Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGBitmapContext Reference.

2013-08-08Updated the bytesPerRow parameter of CGBitmapContextCreate and CGBitmapContextCreateWithData.
2010-08-03Clarified the use of a NULL data parameter to CGBitmapContextCreate.
2010-05-20Added the CGBitmapContextCreateWithData function.
2009-05-26Updated the description of the memory management behavior for the CGBitmapCreateContext function.
2007-06-28Updated for OS X v10.5.

Revised the documentation for the function CGBitmapContextCreateWithData.

2006-05-23Revised the introduction.
2006-01-10Changed CGImageBitmapInfo to CGBitmapInfo.
2005-07-07 Added information to CGBitmapContextCreate about indexed colorspaces.
2005-06-04 Added a link from CGBitmapContextCreate to Quartz 2D Programming Guide.
2005-04-29 Updated for OS X v10.4.

Added the functions CGBitmapContextGetBitmapInfo and CGBitmapContextCreateImage.


In the function CGBitmapContextCreateWithData, changed the name of the alphaInfo parameter to bitmapInfo, and the data type for this parameter from CGAlphaInfo to CGBitmapInfo.


Removed outdated pixel format table; added cross-references to conceptual documentation.


First version of this document. An earlier version of this information appeared in Quartz 2D Reference.