Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGL Reference.

2011-09-15Added new constants to support OpenGL 3.2.
2009-10-08Fixed typos.
2009-08-28Added Leopard and Snow Leopard symbols. Many CGL objects are now reference counted, so functions that destroyed objects have now changed in behavior.
2007-06-28Added more information about renderer information objects.

Updated CGLChoosePixelFormat and “Buffer and Renderer Attributes”.


Revised the texture target information in CGLCreatePBuffer.


Revised the discussion in CGLSetPBuffer.


Added kCGLCPCurrentRendererID, kCGLCPGPUVertexProcessing, and kCGLCPGPUFragmentProcessing.


Updated the renderers listed in “Renderer IDs.”

2006-07-07Minor noncontent change.
2006-07-24Changed the title from "CGL Framework Reference."
2006-05-23Updated for OS X v10.4.

Added the functions CGLLockContext and CGLUnlockContext.


Added “Sampling Modes.”


Added documentation for “Buffer Mode Flags,” “Color and Accumulation Buffer Format Flags,” “Renderer IDs,” and “Stencil and Depth Modes.” Most of these constants were previously embedded in the discussion of other constants. There are several new color accumulation buffer format flags.


Removed documentation for internal formats because these are part of the OpenGL specification. They are not part of the CGL API. Instead see the OpenGL Reference Manual and the OpenGL Programming Guide, which are both published by Addison-Wesley.


Added constants to “Context Options,” “Context Parameters,” and “CGL Result Codes.”


Revised “Introduction.”


Edited content to make it more consistent with other Apple OpenGL documentation.


Fixed formatting.


Added availability information.


Updated header file information.


Added See Also sections.

2005-11-09 Fixed links, added header file information, and removed old boilerplate text from the Introduction.