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Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Core Image Filter Reference.




Fixed missing figures.


Corrected filter availability notes.

CIConvolution7X7 is not available in iOS. Fixed typo in CIConvolution7X7 example.

CIConvolution7X7 is not available in iOS.


Corrected string encoding information for CIQRCodeGenerator.

Corrected description of CIQRCodeGenerator to note that the string encoding must be NSISOLatin1StringEncoding.


Updated for OS X v10.9 and iOS 7.

Added new filters for OS X and iOS: CIBlendWithAlphaMask, CIColorClamp, CIColorCrossPolynomial, CIColorCubeWithColorSpace, CIColorPolynomial, CIConvolution3X3, CIConvolution5X5, CIConvolution7X7, CIConvolution9Horizontal, CIConvolution9Vertical, CIPhotoEffectChrome, CIPhotoEffectFade, CIPhotoEffectInstant, CIPhotoEffectMono, CIPhotoEffectNoir, CIPhotoEffectProcess, CIPhotoEffectTonal, CIPhotoEffectTransfer, CIQRCodeGenerator, CIVignetteEffect

Added new filters for OS X: CIHistogramDisplayFilter, CIPageCurlWithShadowTransition

Added new filters for iOS: CILinearToSRGBToneCurve, CISRGBToneCurveToLinear, CISmoothLinearGradient


Added CIPerspectiveTransformWithExtent.

Added CIPerspectiveTransformWithExtent.


Updated for iOS v6.0.

Added CIDroste, CIDepthOfField, CIVignette, CIStretchCrop, CILightTunnel, and CITriangleKaleidoscope.

Replaced sample output images for several filters with examples that show more typical uses of the filter.

Updated availability statements for OS X and iOS.

Added an example of how to provide an affine transform on iOS, because NSAffineTransform is not available on iOS.

Removed information regarding values for optional attributes.

Corrected typographical errors.


Updated for iOS 5.

Corrected maximum value for the inputWidth parameter on CICheckerboardGenerator. Added CITemperatureAndTint, CIToneCurve, CIVibrance, CIStraightenFilter, CIHighlightShadowAdjust


Made a minor technical correction to one of the input parameters.

Modified description of the input cube dimension parameter for CIColorCube.


Added filters that are members of the reduction category.

Added CIMaximumComponent, CIMinimumComponent, CIAreaAverage, CIAreaHistogram, CIRowAverage, CIColumnAverage, CIAreaMaximum, CIAreaMinimum, CIAreaMaximumAlpha, and CIAreaMinimumAlpha.


Updated for OS X v10.5.

Added CIBarsSwipeTransition, CIBoxBlur, CIDiscBlur, CIBumpDistortionLinear, CIComicEffect, CIEightfoldReflectedTile, CIFourfoldReflectedTile, CIFourfoldRotatedTile, CIFourfoldTranslatedTile, CIGlideReflectedTile, CIHexagonalPixellate, CILineOverlay, CISixfoldReflectedTile, CISixfoldRotatedTile, CITwelvefoldReflectedTile, CISpotColor.

Added information about the formulas used for the filters in the compositing and color adjustment categories. Provided information about how CIShadedMaterial works.


New document that describes the built-in filters available through Core Image.

The content in this document was formerly an appendix in Core Image Programming Guide.