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IKFilterCustomUIProvider Protocol Reference

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The IKFilterCustomUIProvider protocol is an addition to the CIFilter class that defines a method for providing a view for a filter. This protocol is implemented by any filter that provides its own user interface.

  • Provides a custom view for a filter.


    -(IKFilterUIView*)provideViewForUIConfiguration:(NSDictionary*)inUIConfiguration excludedKeys:(NSArray*)inKeys



    A dictionary that specifies the size of the controls. Provide the key IKUISizeFlavor and one of the following values: IKUISizeMini, IKUISizeSmall, or IKUISizeRegular. For more information on these constants, see User Interface Options in CIFilter Image Kit Additions.


    An array of the input keys for which you do not want to provide a user interface. Pass nil if you want all input keys to be represented in the user interface.

    Return Value

    An IKFilterUIView object or nil if the filter is unable to provide a view. If nil, the Image Kit framework will attempt to provide a user interface.


    This method overrides the method viewForUIConfiguration:excludedKeys:.