Next Steps

Your next step is to fully configure and write code for the app services that you enabled in Enabling App Services. You might also explore additional and alternative workflows depending on the size of your team and choice of platform.

Refer to these chapters in App Distribution Guide for additional tasks that you perform throughout the lifetime of your app.

To learn how to


For an organization, add team members, assign roles, approve their certificates, and register their devices

Managing Your Team in Member Center

Create an app record and add iTunes Connect users

Managing Your App in iTunes Connect

Perform final configuration steps before distributing your app

Configuring Your Xcode Project for Distribution

Distribute your app for beta testing

Exporting Your App for Testing (iOS, tvOS, watchOS)

Exporting Your App for Testing (Mac)

Uploading Your App to iTunes Connect

Distributing Your App Using TestFlight (iOS, tvOS, watchOS)

Submit your app to App Review

Submitting Your App

For Mac apps, sign your app using a Developer ID certificate

Distributing Apps Outside the Mac App Store

Before you submit your app to the store, read the appropriate human interface guidelines for your platform and, most important, read the guidelines for submitting your app to the store.

To learn about

iOS, tvOS, watchOS


The user interface guidelines

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

App Store Review Guidelines

Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines

Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines

OS X Human Interface Guidelines

Mac App Store Review Guidelines