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IOAudioDevice.h Reference

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IOAudioDevice.h Reference

Included Headers

  • <IOKit/IOService.h>

  • <IOKit/audio/IOAudioTypes.h>

  • <IOKit/audio/IOAudioStream.h>

  • "IOAudioTypes.h"

  • "IOAudioStream.h"

Data Types

See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Identifies the power state of the audio device


    typedef enum _IOAudioDevicePowerState { kIOAudioDeviceSleep = 0, // When sleeping kIOAudioDeviceIdle = 1, // When no audio engines running kIOAudioDeviceActive = 2 // audio engines running } IOAudioDevicePowerState;


    • kIOAudioDeviceSleep

      State set when the system is going to sleep

    • kIOAudioDeviceIdle

      State when the system is awake but none of the IOAudioEngines are in use

    • kIOAudioDeviceActive

      State when one ore more IOAudioEngines are in use. This state transition must complete before the system will begin playing audio.


    A newly created IOAudioDevices defaults to the idle state.

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