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IOBDMedia.h Reference

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IOBDMedia.h Reference

This header contains the IOBDMedia class definition.

Included Headers

  • <IOKit/storage/IOBDBlockStorageDriver.h>

  • <IOKit/storage/IOMedia.h>


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define kIOBDMediaClass "IOBDMedia" #define kIOBDMediaTypeKey "Type" #define kIOBDMediaTypeR "BD-R" #define kIOBDMediaTypeRE "BD-RE" #define kIOBDMediaTypeROM "BD-ROM"


    • kIOBDMediaClass

      kIOBDMediaClass is the name of the IOBDMedia class.

    • kIOBDMediaTypeKey

      The kIOBDMediaTypeKey property identifies the BD media type (BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, etc). See the kIOBDMediaType contants for possible values.

    • kIOBDMediaTypeR

      The kIOBDMediaTypeKey constant for BD-R media.

    • kIOBDMediaTypeRE

      The kIOBDMediaTypeKey constant for BD-RE media.

    • kIOBDMediaTypeROM

      The kIOBDMediaTypeKey constant for BD-ROM media.