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IOCDMedia.h Reference

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IOCDMedia.h Reference

This header contains the IOCDMedia class definition.

Included Headers

  • <IOKit/storage/IOCDBlockStorageDriver.h>

  • <IOKit/storage/IOMedia.h>


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define kIOCDMediaClass "IOCDMedia" #define kIOCDMediaTOCKey "TOC" #define kIOCDMediaTypeKey "Type" #define kIOCDMediaTypeR "CD-R" #define kIOCDMediaTypeROM "CD-ROM" #define kIOCDMediaTypeRW "CD-RW"


    • kIOCDMediaClass

      kIOCDMediaClass is the name of the IOCDMedia class.

    • kIOCDMediaTOCKey

      The kIOCDMediaTOCKey property contains the CD's full table of contents, formatted as a CDTOC structure. The CDTOC structure is same as what is returned by a READ TOC command, format 0x02. All fields in the TOC are guaranteed to be binary-encoded (no BCD-encoded numbers are ever passed).

    • kIOCDMediaTypeKey

      The kIOCDMediaTypeKey property identifies the CD media type (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, etc). See the kIOCDMediaType contants for possible values.

    • kIOCDMediaTypeR

      The kIOCDMediaTypeKey constant for CD Recordable (CD-R) media.

    • kIOCDMediaTypeROM

      The kIOCDMediaTypeKey constant for CD-ROM media (inclusive of the CD-I, CD-ROM XA, and CD Audio standards, and mixed mode combinations thereof).

    • kIOCDMediaTypeRW

      The kIOCDMediaTypeKey constant for CD ReWritable (CD-RW) media.