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IOEthernetController.h Reference

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IOEthernetController.h Reference

Included Headers

  • <IOKit/network/IONetworkController.h>


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define kIOEthernetAddressSize 6 #define kIOEthernetControllerClass "IOEthernetController" #define kIOEthernetCRCSize 4 #define kIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup \ "IOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup" #define kIOEthernetMaxPacketSize 1518 #define kIOEthernetMinPacketSize 64 #define kIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup "IOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup"


    • kIOEthernetAddressSize

    • kIOEthernetControllerClass

    • kIOEthernetCRCSize

    • kIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup

    • kIOEthernetMaxPacketSize

    • kIOEthernetMinPacketSize

    • kIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup

  • Declaration

    extern const OSSymbol * gIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup; extern const OSSymbol * gIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup;


    • gIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup

      gIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup is an OSSymbol object that contains the name of the disabled Ethernet Wake-on-LAN filter group defined by kIOEthernetDisabledWakeOnLANFilterGroup.

    • gIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup

      gIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup is an OSSymbol object that contains the name of the Ethernet Wake-on-LAN filter group defined by kIOEthernetWakeOnLANFilterGroup.

  • All filters in the Wake-on-LAN filter group.


    enum { kIOEthernetWakeOnMagicPacket = 0x00000001, kIOEthernetWakeOnPacketAddressMatch = 0x00000002 };


    • kIOEthernetWakeOnMagicPacket

      Reception of a Magic Packet.

    • kIOEthernetWakeOnPacketAddressMatch

      Reception of a packet which passes through any of the address filtering mechanisms based on its destination Ethernet address. This may include unicast, broadcast, or multicast addresses depending on the current state and setting of the corresponding packet filters.


    Each filter listed will respond to a network event that will trigger a system wake-up.