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IONetworkData.h Reference

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IONetworkData.h Reference

Included Headers

  • <libkern/c++/OSSymbol.h>

  • <libkern/c++/OSSerialize.h>


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define kIONetworkDataAccessTypes "Access Types" #define kIONetworkDataBasicAccessTypes \ (kIONetworkDataAccessTypeRead | kIONetworkDataAccessTypeSerialize) #define kIONetworkDataBytes "Data" #define kIONetworkDataSize "Size"


    • kIONetworkDataAccessTypes

      The kIONetworkDataAccessTypes property is an OSNumber that describes the supported access types of an IONetworkData object.

    • kIONetworkDataBasicAccessTypes

      The default access types supported by an IONetworkData object. Allow read() and serialize().

    • kIONetworkDataBytes

      The kIONetworkDataBytes property is an OSData that describes the data buffer of an IONetworkData object. This property is present only if kIONetworkDataAccessTypeSerialize access is supported.

    • kIONetworkDataSize

      The kIONetworkDataSize property is an OSNumber that describes the size of the data buffer of an IONetworkData object.

  • Constants that describe access types.


    enum { kIONetworkDataAccessTypeRead = 0x01, kIONetworkDataAccessTypeWrite = 0x02, kIONetworkDataAccessTypeReset = 0x04, kIONetworkDataAccessTypeSerialize = 0x08, kIONetworkDataAccessTypeMask = 0xff };


    • kIONetworkDataAccessTypeRead

      Read access.

    • kIONetworkDataAccessTypeWrite

      Write access.

    • kIONetworkDataAccessTypeReset

      Reset access.

    • kIONetworkDataAccessTypeSerialize

      Serialization access.

  • The types of data buffers that can be managed by an IONetworkData object.


    enum { kIONetworkDataBufferTypeInternal = 0, kIONetworkDataBufferTypeExternal, kIONetworkDataBufferTypeNone };


    • kIONetworkDataBufferTypeInternal

      An internal data buffer allocated by the init() method.

    • kIONetworkDataBufferTypeExternal

      An external (persistent) data buffer.

    • kIONetworkDataBufferTypeNone

      No data buffer. The only useful action perfomed by an IONetworkData object with this buffer type is to call the access notification handler.