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mac_data.h Reference

mac_data.h Reference

Data Types

See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Mac policy module data


    struct mac_module_data_element { unsigned int key_size; unsigned int value_size; unsigned int value_type; char *key; char *value; };


    This structure specifies module data that is passed in to the TrustedBSD MAC policy module by the kernel module loader. The data is made of up key/value pairs where the key is always a string and the value is a string, binary data or array. An array may be a list of values (actually a similar set of key/value pairs, but in this case the keys are always null), and may also consist of a set of dictionaries, which in turn are made up of a list of key/value pairs.

    Module data may be specified in the MAC policy module's Info.plist file as part of the OSModuleData dictionary.


    <key>OSModuleData<key> <dict> <key>foo<key> <string>bar<string> <key>Beers<key> <array> <dict> <key>type<key> <string>lager<string> <key>Name<key> <string>Anchor Steam<string> <dict> <dict> <key>type<key> <string>ale<string> <key>Name<key> <string>Sierra Nevada Pale Ale<string> <dict> <array> <dict>