Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Internationalization Programming Topics.

2012-01-09update to include nib file types details and storyboard compatibility with ibtool info

Added section regarding relationship of .nib, .xib, and .storyboard files with reference to ibtool, see “Notes For Localizers.”


Removed procedural CFLocale Reference as no longer applicable.

2011-05-02Added link to Mountains code samples.
2009-08-07Updated the information about the language-directory support for iOS.

Removed the detailed information about string resources. That information is now available in Resource Programming Guide.

2009-01-06Fixed the ibtool examples to use the updated syntax.
2008-09-09Updated nibtool references to ibtool, which is the new name for the tool. Fixed some additional bugs.
2005-09-08Merged the Cocoa Internationalization document into this document.

Merged information from several articles about creating and managing strings files into one article.


Added references to CFLocale and NSLocale.


Updated the guidelines related to the use of language and locale IDs.


Added information about how to use nibtool and plutil.


Changed the title from "Internationalizing Your Software".

2005-03-03Updated information on genstrings and usage of UTF-8 and UTF-16 in strings files.

Added an article containing general guidelines. Moved the MultiScript guidelines to this article.


Added an article on how to get the current localization information.


Updated the language designation article to reflect the recommended use of ISO standards for designating language and region information.


Fixed minor bugs.


First revision of this programming topic. Some information in this programming topic originally appeared in System Overview.