Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Runtime Configuration Guidelines.

2009-10-19Removed deprecated information from the document.

Moved the reference information for Info.plist keys to Information Property List Key Reference.

2009-09-09Clarified that while a CFBundleIdentifier is similar to a UTI, it is not actually a UTI, as the allowed character set is more restricted.
2009-08-14Added links to Cocoa Core Competencies.
2009-05-15Added information about keys introduced in OS X v10.6.

Documented QuartzGLEnable key.


Updated information on version strings to specify that the full three-digit string is required, e.g. 10.4.0.

2008-07-08Updated multiplatform information.

Added LSRequiresIPhoneOS, UIRequiresPersistentWiFi, UIStatusBarStyle, UIStatusBarHidden, UIInterfaceOrientation, LSFileQuarantineEnabled, LSHandlerRankkeys.

2007-04-18Updated property list keys to include UTI-based keys. Updated configuration guidelines to include Intel-based keys.
2006-11-07Reintroduced the CFBundleGetInfoString key and clarified details about the NSAppleScriptEnabled key.

Added details on the new purpose of the CFBundleGetInfoString key.


Clarified the possible types of the NSAppleScriptEnabled key.

2006-09-05Added definition of NSPersistentStoreTypeKey.
2006-07-24Updated description of the CFBundleVersion and CFBundleShortVersionString keys.

Undocumented the CFBundleGetInfoString key.


Made minor editorial changes.

2006-04-04Updated description of CFBundleIdentifier key.
2005-11-09Modified example for LSMinimumSystemVersion key.
2005-08-11Updated description of NSPrincipalClass key. Added information about how to put Info.plist data into flat executables. Added environment.plist illustration.
2005-04-29Updated for OS X v10.4.
2005-02-03Added CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations key. Removed CFBundleGetInfoHTML key, which was included erroneously and is not supported.

Added notes about the correct capitalization of files and directories in a bundle.


Minor bug fixes.


Minor bug fixes.


Minor bug fixes.


First version of Runtime Configuration. Some of the information in this topic previously appeared in System Overview.