Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Daemons and Services Programming Guide.

2014-07-15Corrected code listing to whitelist both NSArray and FrenchFry.

See Whitelisting a Class for Use Inside Containers.

2013-10-22Improved documentation for NSXPCConnection.
2012-07-23Added conceptual documentation for NSXPCConnection.
2012-01-09Minor updates.
2011-08-26Updated coverage of XPC services.
2011-06-30Updated for OS X v10.7, including discussion of XPC services. Changed the title from "System Startup Programming Topics."

Moved material related to kernel extensions and the early boot process to Kernel Programming Guide.


Various structural and organizational changes throughout.

2008-11-19Miscellaneous edits.
2007-02-08Clarified the explanation of launchd daemons versus startup items.
2006-11-07Added mention of prelinked kernels and helper partitions.
2006-10-03Added information about Intel booting, launchd, and asl (logging).
2005-08-11Updated guidance for customizing login and logout. Updated information pertaining to Startup Item property-list files.
2005-04-29Updated for OS X v10.4. Updated login/logout customization information.

Added information about launch-on-demand daemons.


Updated information related to the use of startup items.


First revision of this programming topic. Some information in this programming topic originally appeared in System Overview.