Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Entitlement Key Reference.

2014-09-17Added a description of the key.
2013-12-16Corrected the description of the entitlement.

See Enabling Scripting of Other Apps for details.

2013-03-14Clarified various sandbox-related entitlements.

Added a new section for obtaining access to shared preferences, Shared Preference Domain Temporary Exceptions.


Added a description of the app group entitlement key, in Adding an App to an App Group.


Corrected the guidance for iCloud container identifiers in Enabling iCloud Document Storage.


Updated the information on security-scoped bookmarks for OS X v10.7.4 in Enabling Security-Scoped Bookmark and URL Access.


Improved the description for the entitlement key in App Sandbox Entitlement Keys.


Added descriptions for new entitlement keys for OS X v10.7.3 in Enabling Security-Scoped Bookmark and URL Access.

2011-09-28New document that describes the entitlement keys for App Sandbox, iCloud, and push notifications.

Some of the content in this document was previously available in Code Signing and Application Sandboxing Guide.