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Disc Recording Framework Reference

Disc Recording Framework Reference

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This document describes the Disc Recording API for burning audio and data CDs and DVDs. For information about the Disc Recording UI API, see Disc Recording UI Framework Reference.



Informal protocol describing methods implemented by the file data producer.


Informal protocol describing methods implemented by a track data producer.

Other Reference

DRBurn.h Reference

DRCDText.h Reference

DRContentFile.h Reference

DRContentFolder.h Reference

DRContentObject.h Reference

DRContentProperties.h Reference

DRContentTrack.h Reference

DRCoreBurn.h Reference

DRCoreCDText.h Reference

DRCoreDevice.h Reference

DRCoreErase.h Reference

DRCoreErrors.h Reference

DRCoreNotifications.h Reference

DRCoreObject.h Reference

DRCoreStatus.h Reference

DRCoreTrack.h Reference

DRDevice.h Reference

DRErase.h Reference

DRFSObject.h Reference

DRFile.h Reference

DRStatus.h Reference

DRTrack.h Reference

DRBurn(ImageContentCreation) Class Reference

DRBurn(PropertyConvenienceMethods) Class Reference

DRCDTextBlock(PropertyConvenienceMethods) Class Reference

DRDevice(InfoConvenience) Class Reference

DRDevice(StatusConvenience) Class Reference

DRErase(PropertyConvenienceMethods) Class Reference

DRFile(VirtualFiles) Class Reference

DRFile(VirtualLinks) Class Reference

DRFolder(VirtualFolders) Class Reference

DRTrack(AudioContentCreation) Class Reference

DRTrack(DataContentCreation) Class Reference

DRTrack(PropertyConvenience) Class Reference

DRBurn Class Reference

DRCDTextBlock Class Reference

DRDevice Class Reference

DRErase Class Reference

DRFSObject Class Reference

DRFile Class Reference

DRFolder Class Reference

DRMSF Class Reference

DRMSFFormatter Class Reference

DRNotificationCenter Class Reference

DRTrack Class Reference