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This collection of documents provides the API reference for Identity Services. Identity Services is a technology that allows you to create, maintain and remove users and groups from a system. There are two parts to the Identity Services APIs: the Core Services Identity API and the Collaboration framework.



NSObject is the root class of most Objective-C class hierarchies.


A CBIdentity object is used for accessing the attributes of an identity stored in an identity authority.


An object of the CBGroupIdentity class represents a group identity and is used for viewing the attributes of group identities from an identity authority.


An object of the CBUserIdentity class represents a user identity and is used for accessing the attributes of a user identity from an identity authority.


An identity authority is a database that stores information about identities.


A CBIdentityPicker object allows a user to select identities—for example, user or group objects—that it wants one or more services or shared resources to have access to.

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