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PSFeedSettings.h Reference

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PSFeedSettings.h Reference

Included Headers

  • <Foundation/NSObject.h>

  • <Foundation/NSDate.h>


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define PSFeedSettingsAllTypes nil #define PSFeedSettingsIntervalDefault 0.0 #define PSFeedSettingsIntervalNever -1.0 #define PSFeedSettingsUnlimitedSize 0


    • PSFeedSettingsAllTypes

      Specifies all MIME types.

    • PSFeedSettingsIntervalDefault

      Specifies that the per-client default interval should be used.

    • PSFeedSettingsIntervalNever

      Specifies that refreshing or expiring should never occur automatically. As a result, the application or user must force an update manually by calling the update method.

    • PSFeedSettingsUnlimitedSize

      Specifies no limit on enclosure sizes.