QTKit Framework Reference

The QuickTime Kit is a Objective-C framework (QTKit.framework) with a robust and evolving API for manipulating time-based media. Introduced in OS X v10.4, the QuickTime Kit provides a set of Objective-C classes and methods designed for the basic manipulation of media, including movie playback, editing, import and export to standard media formats, among other capabilities. With the release of OS X v10.5 and the latest iteration of QuickTime 7, the reach and capability of the framework have been extended. The QuickTime Kit framework now includes the addition of 15 new classes, all designed to support professional-level video and audio capture, as well as pro-grade recording of media. Two additional classes, which support Core Animation layers for capture and movies, are also provided in the API.

Developers who work with the Cocoa Application Kit classes NSMovie and NSMovieView should move their applications to the QuickTime Kit framework in order to take advantage of the power and enhanced functionality of this API.


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