Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Cocoa Text Architecture Guide.

2014-02-11Added "Font Descriptors" section to Font Handling chapter. Fixed typos and dead link in introduction.
2013-04-23Removed references to retired sample code.
2012-09-19Added section on creating text objects programmatically. Fixed typo.
2012-07-23Added section titled "Text Field Delegation" to "Text Editing" chapter.
2012-04-27Removed out-of-date text editor tutorial and section describing deprecated glyph-handling methods of NSFont. Removed references to manual reference counting. Fixed typos.
2010-05-04Updated text system class hierarchy diagram and configuration diagrams. Additional legacy documents providing content to this document are Font Handling and Font Panel.
2010-03-23New document that explains how the objects of the Cocoa text system interact. This document contains content previously published in the following documents, which remain in the legacy area of the ADC library: Text System Overview, Text Attributes, Text Editing Programming Guide for Cocoa, and Text Input and Output.