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The iTunes Library framework provides facilities for retrieving the properties of media items in a user’s iTunes library. This framework was designed to replace the iTunes XML file that developers query to fetch track and playlist metadata. iTunes library access is read-only.

To use this framework, create an ITLibrary object by calling the libraryWithAPIVersion class method, as shown in Listing I-1. You can interrogate the instance returned to obtain its properties and the properties of its media items. For example:

Listing I-1  Creating and initializing an ITLibrary

#import <iTunesLibrary/ITLibrary.h>
NSError *error = nil;
ITLibrary *library = [ITLibrary libraryWithAPIVersion:@"1.0" error:&error];
if (library)
        NSArray *playlists = library.allPlaylists; //  <- NSArray of ITLibPlaylist
        NSArray *tracks = library.allMediaItems; //  <- NSArray of ITLibMediaItem

To use the iTunes Library framework in your project, you must add the iTunes Library framework (located at /Library/Frameworks/iTunesLibrary.framework) to the project. You will also need to edit the build setting “FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS” to include /Library/Frameworks/iTunesLibrary.framework. The iTunes Library framework is available to users running iTunes v11.0 or above.