Adding an App in iTunes Connect

Add your app in iTunes Connect to start the process of submitting it to the App Store.

To add an app record
  1. In iTunes Connect, select Manage Your Applications.

  2. Click the Add New App button.

  3. Select the appropriate platform.

  4. Fill out the forms with your app’s information.

The iTunes Connect web application prompts you for a variety of information about your app, including the app’s name, screenshots, pricing, SKU number, and bundle identifier. Some of these can be changed only under certain circumstances:

  • The SKU number and app type cannot be changed after you submit your app.

  • The bundle identifier can be changed only before you submit any binaries for review, and only if your app does not use Game Center or iAd.

  • The app name can be changed only when your app is in an editable state in iTunes connect.

For a detailed discussion, see Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App in iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

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