Installing iOS on Your Development Device

Install a new version of iOS when you want to upgrade a device for development.

To install iOS on your development device
  1. Connect your device to your Mac.

  2. In the Devices organizer under Devices, select your device.

  3. Under Software Version, click “Restore using iTunes.”

  4. In iTunes, click the Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod button in the Summary pane.

  5. When installation is complete, activate the device and restore its contents using iTunes.

  6. Back in Xcode, click “Use for Development” in the Devices organizer to reenable the device for development.

When you enable a device for development, Xcode registers the device with Member Center and may ask whether it should request your development certificate on your behalf.

To install a beta version of the iOS software, Option-click the Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod button in the Summary pane in iTunes. Select the iOS beta software restore image and click Open to begin installation. After you install the beta, your device reboots and requires a network connection to complete activation.