Provisioning Your iOS Device for Development

Provision your iOS device to run apps on your device during development.

To provision your iOS device for development
  1. Connect your device to your Mac.

  2. In the Devices organizer under Devices, select your device.

  3. Click the “Use for Development” or “Add to Member Center” button.

    If the device was previously used for development, the “Use for Development” button does not appear. If this happens, click “Add to Member Center” at the bottom of the window instead.

  4. In the team dialog that appears, select the checkbox next to your account name, and click Choose.

  5. If a Certificate Not Found dialog appears, click Request.

If needed, Xcode creates a team provisioning profile for your app.

Xcode manages a development profile for you called a team provisioning profile. Xcode automatically adds development certificates and devices to the team provisioning profile. Therefore, if you don’t have a development certificate, Xcode offers to request your development certificate for you. Xcode also registers the device you enable for development and adds it to the team provisioning profile. If you are an individual developer, wait while Xcode submits the certificate request. If you are a team member for a company, ask your team agent or admin to approve your development certificate and device.