About the Navigator Area

Use the navigator area to view and access different facets of your project.

The navigator area is an optional area on the left side of the workspace window. To hide or show it, click the left view selector button in the workspace toolbar:

  • ../Art/XG_NavArea_View_Selector_nav_area_2x.png

This area includes the navigator selector bar, the content area, and a filter bar. It can also include other features specific to the selected navigator.


Use the navigator selector bar to choose the navigator best suited to your current task:

  • Project navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Project_icon_2x.png): Add, delete, group, and otherwise manage files in your project or choose a file to view or edit its contents in the editor area.

  • Symbol navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Symbol_icon_2x.png): Browse all the symbols in your project or just those within a scope that you specify.

  • Search navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Find_icon_2x.png): Use find options and filters to quickly find any string within your projects and frameworks.

  • Issue navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Issue_icon_2x.png): Display issues such as diagnostics, warnings, and errors found when opening, analyzing, and building your project.

  • Test navigator (../Art/test_nav_icon_2x.png): Create, manage, and run unit tests, and also review their status.

  • Debug navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Debug_icon_2x.png): Examine the running threads and associated stack information at a specified point or time during program execution.

  • Breakpoint navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Breakpoint_icon_2x.png): Fine-tune breakpoints by specifying characteristics such as a triggering condition, an ignore count, and an action to be performed.

  • Log navigator (../Art/XG_NavArea_Log_icon_2x.png): View the history of your build, run, debug, and source control tasks and inspect details of the results.

The filter bar lets you restrict the content that is displayed. For example, the project navigator has filters for recently edited files, files with source control status, unsaved files, and filename strings. The debug navigator has a slider for specifying how much stack information is displayed.