Setting General Preferences

Control general environment settings using the General pane in Xcode preferences.

To open the General pane, choose Xcode > Preferences, and click General.


The General pane has several sections:

  • Issues

    Xcode can display runtime warnings and errors in place in the editors, and also in the issue navigator. You can select one or both of these options.

    Select the “Continue building after errors” checkbox if you want Xcode to continue building a target when an error occurs.

  • Find Navigator Detail and Issue Navigator Detail

    The Find and Issue navigators provide the option for multiline results. Use the drop-down menus to set the result lengths. You can have a result as short as one line or as long as ten lines.

  • Dialog Warnings

    Xcode has several warning dialogs that you can disable by clicking a "Do not show this message again" checkbox in the dialog. To reenable all of these warning dialogs, click the Reset “Don’t Ask Me” Warnings button.