Viewing Failed Tests

Examine failed tests to begin determining the source of issues.

To view failed tests
  1. Click the failed-test filter button (../Art/tnh-vufldtst-1_2x.png) at the bottom of the test navigator.


    With the filter enabled, the test navigator shows only the failed test methods, with a failed-test indicator icon denoting the failure (a red diamond with an "X”) next to the name of each method that failed.

  2. Select a failed test method to examine it in the editor.

  3. After addressing the reason for the failure, click the failed-test indicator to rerun the test.

A performance measuring test reports a failure when a baseline is not set. After a baseline has been set, a performance measuring test reports a failure if the test result average has dropped below the baseline and/or if the individual runs in a test have gone out of bounds of the Max STDDEV percentage limits. The test navigator provides additional features to display the results of performance measuring tests and to control the baseline and Max STDDEV setting.

  • Click on the disclosure button ../Art/tnh-vufldtst-3a_2x.png at the end of the failure description string to display the overall performance statistics gathered by the test method.

  • Click on the failure description string to display the performance result panel, which reports more detailed information recorded by the test method.

    • The bar graph displays the performance measured in each of the ten runs relative to one another.

    • Click the run numbers below the bar graph to display the data gathered during each run.

  • Click the Edit button in the performance result panel to view the settings panel.

    • Click the Accept button to set the values recorded as the test method baseline.

    • Clicking the Baseline and Max STDDEV text elements allows you to edit the baseline and standard deviation to specific values.