Comparing Versions of a File with the Timeline

Use the version timeline to choose file versions based on their chronological order.

To compare versions of a file with the timeline
  1. Click the version editor button and select Comparison to open a source file in the comparison view of the version editor.

    Use the project navigator to switch to the source file visible in the comparison view.

  2. Click the timeline viewer icon.

  3. Browse the timeline with your pointer to reach the version you want to compare.

  4. Click the right triangular indicator to open that version in the right editing pane.


The version timeline is available in the comparison view. Clicking the timeline viewer icon displays the timeline between the two editing panes.

You move the pointer (cursor) up or down through the timeline to browse the available versions. Versions are listed chronologically, with a line for each version; newer versions are at the bottom of the timeline. Each major division in the timeline groups revisions submitted within a twenty-four hour period.

As you reach each version in the timeline, additional information for that version is displayed in an annotation.

When you find the version you want, click the left or right indicator triangle to display that version in the corresponding editor pane. For example, the video shows choosing an older version of a file from the repository (for display on the right) to compare it with the newer local version of that file (displayed on the left).

Clicking the left indicator triangle allows you to compare another version in the left pane with the version in the right.