Cocoa Tips and Tricks

Last Revision:
Version 1.1, 2013-08-17
Upgraded base SDK to OS X 10.8, now using Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
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Build Requirements:
OS X 10.8 SDK or later
Runtime Requirements:
OS X v10.7 or later, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

Contains several sample projects covering various Cocoa tips and tricks.

BlurryView: Demonstrates how to pixel align NSViews and to show proper HiDPI support.

ExceptionReporting - Demonstrates how to show a customized exception reporting user interface. This lets the user know when the exception happens in order to possibly prevent subsequent random crashes that are difficult to debug.

NibLoading - Demonstrates how to use NSNib class for loading nib files and instantiating (copying) top-level nib objects from them.

StaticObjcMethods - Demonstrates how to use static Objective-C methods for easy access to class ivars. Make sure to check the Console log to see the reporting of the ivar value changes.

TableViewLinks - Demonstrates how to use hyperlinks inside an NSTableView cell.

TableViewVariableRowHeights - Demonstrates how to implement "variable row height" sizes in NSTableView.

UsingBlocksAsContextInfo - Demonstrates how to implement Objective-C "blocks" passed in as the 'contextInfo' to NSAlert, helping to handle the alert result.