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Quartz Composer Application
Offline                     A command-line tool that uses the QCRenderer API to render a Quartz 
                        composition offscreen on the video card using an OpenGL pBuffer, 
                        download the pixels data, then save the frames to disk as separate 
                        compressed TIFF files.
Sample Requirements             The project was created using the Xcode running under Mac OS X 10.6.x 
                        or later. 
About the sample                This sample shows how to execute a Quartz Composer composition 
                        offline with QCRenderer. This command line program needs two 
                        parameters. The first one is the location of the Quartz Composer 
                        composition that is to be executed. The second parameter is the 
                        location where the generated images are to be saved. To execute a 
                        Quartz Composer composition offline, the user needs to initialize a 
                        QCRenderer with the composition, and then call the renderAtTime 
                        function of the QCRenderer to execute the composition. This program 
                        executes the composition 10 times and saves the images into the 
                        location indicated by the second parameter.
Using the Sample                Open the project using the Xcode editor which can be found in /
                        Developer/Applications. Build the project. Run the program with two 
                        parameters, the location of the composition and the location to save 
                        the images.
Installation                    n/a
Changes from Previous Versions          n/a
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