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Quartz Composer Application
Player                      A simple full-screen composition player that uses the 
                        QCRenderer API.
Sample Requirements             The project was created using the Xcode running under 
                        Mac OS X 10.6.x or later. 
About the sample                This sample uses QCRenderer to render a Quartz Composer 
                        composition through OpenGL in a window. The sample asks the 
                        user to choose a composition, once the composition is 
                        selected, it is rendered full screen through QCRenderer.
Using the Sample                Open the project using the Xcode editor which can be found 
                        in /Developer/Applications. Build the project and run.
Installation                    n/a
Changes from Previous Versions          n/a
Feedback and Bug Reports            Please send all feedback about this sample to:
                        Please submit any bug reports about this example to