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Quartz Composer Application
Poster                      Shows how to tile the rendering of a QCRenderer's composition 
                        by modifying appropriately the OpenGL projection matrix. Here
                        "poster" means an image that could be larger than the GPU can
                        supports. In this case, the GPU generates the image part by
                        part. It generates one part of the image at each time and 
                        copies the result to the corresponding part of the image. 
Sample Requirements             The project was created using the Xcode running under Mac OS X 
                        10.6.x or later. 
About the sample                This sample uses a QCRenderer to render a Quartz Composer 
                        composition in the view window. The user needs to select a 
                        composition by clicking on the "Select Composition" button. 
                        When the "Export Poster…" button is clicked, the sample sets up 
                        the OpenGL context, creates a pixel buffer as the rendering 
                        target and renders the composition. The contents in the pixel 
                        buffer is then copied to the file tile by tile.
Using the Sample                Open the project using the Xcode editor which can be found in 
                        /Developer/Applications. Build the project and run.
Installation                    n/a
Changes from Previous Versions          n/a
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