This application demonstrates use of the CAReplicatorLayer, explicit animations, and building layer hierarchy. Timers are used to continuously animate the layers. A single rectangular layer is used in combination with 3 replicators to create a 3D cube that varies in color and animation delay. A single animation applied to the layer is replicated across all of the instances to produce an interesting effect.
Standard app delegate generated by Xcode for a new project.
This is the main controller for the application and handles the setup of the layer hierarchy, connecting them up to the view, and animating the layers. An instance of this class resides in MainMenu.xib and uses an IBOutlet reference for the view (which has been wired up through Interface Builder).
This method will be called when the AppController instance is 'defrosted' from the nib and will setup the layer hierarchy and begin animating the layers.
Animates the layers (through the use of replicators) by having them rotate and fly past the camera.
Animates the layers  (through the use of replicators) back into the original cube formation.