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Quartz Composer Application
RepositoryBrowser               Demonstrates how to use subclass of QCView, 
                        QCCompositionPickerPanel, QCCompositionParameterView 
                        and NSMatrix to browser Quartz Composer compositions 
                        with different protocol.
Sample Requirements             The project was created using the Xcode running under 
                        Mac OS X 10.6.x or later. 
About the sample                This sample uses a QCCompositionPanelView to display 
                        the Quartz Composer compositions that conform to a 
                        certain protocol selected by the user. The user can 
                        select a composition by clicking on the composition 
                        picker. The QCView will render the selected 
                        composition, and the QCCompositionParameterView will 
                        display the input parameters of the composition. When 
                        the user change the composition protocol, the 
                        application will update the contents in the 
                        QCCompositionPanelView and display the newly selected 
Using the Sample                Open the project using the Xcode editor which can be 
                        found in /Developer/Applications. Build the project and 
Installation                    n/a
Changes from Previous Versions          n/a
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                        Please submit any bug reports about this example to