Last Revision:
Version 1.0, 2007-02-20
Demonstration of how to implement a virtual parallel tasking SCSI host bus adapter (HBA)
Build Requirements:
Xcode 2.2.1 with MacOSX10.3.9 SDK for PowerPC-based Macs and MacOSX10.4u SDK for Intel-based Macs
Runtime Requirements:
OS X 10.3 or newer for PowerPC-based Macs and 10.4 or newer for Intel-based Macs

This sample shows how to implement a parallel tasking SCSI host bus adapter (HBA) using IOSCSIParallelInterfaceController. It produces a universal binary KEXT that includes a SCSI target device emulator that is used to create a 20MB RAM disk as a device attached to a virtual HBA.