Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to RosyWriter.

2014-10-09Support iPhone 6 and 6 plus natively by using a launch storyboard. Added CoreImage based render. Use -[AVCaptureVideo/AudioDataOutput recommendedVideo/AudioSettingsForAssetWriterWithOutputFileType: ] APIs to determine compression settings for the recorded movie. Adopted modern Objective-C syntax.
2014-09-10Rewritten for 2.0 - demonstrates best practices for processing video though various pipelines (CPU-based, OpenGL (i.e. on the GPU), and OpenCV) and writing the processed video output to a movie file using AVAssetWriter.
2011-10-06Corrected code for calculating the center of the preview view. Removed some unnecessary setNeedsDisplay calls.
2011-10-12First public release.