Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to iAdSuite.

2013-05-28Fixed an issue that could cause BannerViewController to raise an exception if it is used in an iPhone app.
2012-10-22Updated for iOS 6.0, removed support for iOS versions prior to 5.0.
2011-10-31Updated for iOS 5.0, removed support for iOS 4.1 and below, added samples that use a custom container view controller to manage the ADBannerView, converted all samples to use ARC.
2011-01-03Updated for iOS 4.2, changed deprecated content size identifiers, "AdBannerNavigation" sample now shares ad banners across view controllers.
2010-09-20Updated for iOS 4.1. Reseting banner frame instead of center to move the banner view on/off screen.
2010-07-22Demonstrates how to manage ADBannerViews in three common scenarios.