Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Dashboard Programming Topics.

2010-02-01Suggested the use of CSS animations as an alternative to the Apple animation classes.
2009-09-02Made minor corrections.
2009-07-24Made minor corrections.
2009-02-04Made minor corrections.
2009-01-06Added an article that introduces Dashboard and widgets and describes how to create a simple widget.
2008-10-15Made minor corrections.
2007-04-13Added an article about the Dashboard Sync feature in OS X v.10.5.
2006-08-07Added information about using widget.system synchronously. Clarified the descriptions of some Apple Classes.
2006-04-04Fixed typos in Apple Scroll Area and Apple Glass Button descriptions.
2006-01-10Clarified directions on using Apple Classes with widget backs and preferences. Added links to Webscripting reference documentation. Fixed typos.
2005-12-06Added information on JavaScript Apple classes for Dashboard. Changed the title from "Dashboard Programming Guide."