Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to WebKit DOM Programming Topics.

2013-10-22Removed the Notifications chapter. Added a link to the Notification Programming Guide for Websites.
2013-03-14Added a new chapter supporting notifications.
2012-07-23Added a new chapter supporting notifications.
2012-06-27Made minor fixes.
2012-02-21Updated for Lion compatibility.
2010-01-20Minor edits.
2009-06-08Added coverage for credentials, drag-and-drop example.
2009-04-29Added additional cross references and clarified a few things.
2009-02-05Updated for Safari 4.0.
2008-10-15Minor edits throughout.
2007-09-04Added additional tips for cross-browser development.
2007-07-10Refreshed references to other documents.
2007-06-11Retitled document from Safari JavaScript Programming Topics. Includes new article on the XMLHttpRequest object.
2006-05-23Corrected typos.
2006-02-07Corrected typos.
2006-01-10Corrected typos.
2005-11-09Corrected typos.
2005-08-11Corrected typos.
 Corrected typos.
 Added link to the canvas API.
2005-06-04Corrected typos and clarified the argument types for some methods.
2005-04-29Added article on using Objective-C from JavaScript.

First version of Safari JavaScript Programming Topics.