Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari CSS Reference.

2012-07-23Updated to support CSS filters.
2012-02-16Made adjustments to the -webkit-image-border property.
2011-10-12Updated for iOS 5.0.
2010-09-01Added the -webkit-animation-fill-mode property.
2010-05-07Added a link to official CSS specifications.
2010-02-24Added information for the skew function.
2009-11-17Added iPhone availability for the -webkit-user-select property.
2009-07-31Added availability for 3D transformation functions available in Safari 4.0.3 and later running on Mac OS X v10.6 and later.
2009-06-08Added animation information for background-position, -webkit-background-size, -webkit-mask-position, and -webkit-mask-size properties.
2009-04-06Miscellaneous edits.
2009-02-05Updated per Safari 4.0 additions.
2008-11-19Added animatable and iOS availability information to CSS properties.
2008-10-15Fixed typographical errors, improved consistency.
2008-09-09Added iOS 2.0 visual effects properties.
2008-07-11Updated for iPhone 2.0.
2008-06-09Updated for Safari 3.1.
2008-01-15Made changes to terminology.
2007-12-11Incorporated additional information about iPhone-specific properties.
2007-10-31Added property-specific availability information and made minor edits throughout.
2007-09-07Added availability, types, and special values and reformatted the content.
2007-06-06Updated documentation to reflect CSS support added in Safari and Web Kit 1.3.
2005-06-04New document that describes the CSS properties supported by Safari and the Web Kit.