Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari HTML Reference.

2014-07-15Updated availability, deprecation, and obsolete status of elements throughout.
2013-10-22Made minor edits throughout.
2011-07-12Updated for iOS 5.0.
2011-04-14Updated the availability of webkit-playsinline.
2010-11-15Added more information on autocapitalize and autocorrect attributes.
2010-09-01Applied minor edits throughout.
2010-08-03Added the webkit-playsinline HTML attribute.
2010-05-07Added a link to the HTML5 specification.
2009-11-17Added descriptions of new input types supported in iOS 3.1.
2009-08-11Added Safari availability for the manifest attribute.
2009-06-08Added the listitem ARIA role and iPhone availability for the audio and video elements.
2009-04-28Miscellaneous edits.
2009-02-05Updated for Safari 4.0.
2008-11-12Revised document structure and added application cache manifest and other iOS HTML attributes.
2008-10-15Minor edits throughout.
2008-09-09Updated for Safari 3.1.
2008-01-15Moved reference information for the viewport meta key from Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone.
2007-12-11Added iPhone-specific HTML attributes.
2007-09-04Reformatted content.
2006-05-23Corrected typos.
2005-11-09Corrected typos.
2005-08-11Corrected typos.
 Corrected typos. Added information on the paragraph tag.
2005-06-04New document that describes the HTML tags and properties supported by Safari and the Web Kit.