Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari Web Content Guide.

2014-03-10Added CSS fixed positioning information to "Customizing Style Sheets."
2013-10-22Removed the "Debugging" information that is now included in Safari Web Inspector Guide.
2013-09-18Updated for HTML5 recommendations.
2012-09-19Added new chapters about Smart App Banners and using Web Inspector on iOS.
2011-10-12Updated for iOS 5.0.
2010-12-16Applied minor edits.
2010-11-15Updated per iOS 4.2 changes.
2010-08-23Applied minor edits throughout.
2010-03-24Made changes related to iPad throughout.
2010-01-20Minor edits.
2009-09-09Updated the iOS resource limits again.
2009-08-11Updated the iOS resource limits.
2009-06-08Changed the title from "Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone OS" and applied minor edits throughout.
2009-03-05Minor edits throughout.
2009-01-30Minor edits throughout.
2009-01-06Moved appendix to separate book called Apple URL Scheme Reference. Removed redundant reference now included in the Safari HTML Reference and Safari DOM Extensions Reference books.
2008-11-17Added the chapter "Storing Data on the Client."
2008-10-15Minor edits throughout.
2008-09-09Updated for iOS 2.1.
2008-07-15Updated for iOS 2.0.
2008-02-05Updated book link in "Specifying a Webpage Icon for Web Clip".
2008-01-15Added section on specifying a web clip icon.
2007-10-31Added instructions for exporting movies for iPhone using Quicktime Pro 7.2.1.
2007-10-11Added figures to the "Customizing Style Sheets" and "Debugging" articles. Removed the "Configuring Keyboard" section from "Designing Forms" because using the lang property to select keyboard languages is deprecated.
2007-09-27Changed the title from Safari Web Content Guide. Completely revised to describe how to create web content for Safari on the desktop and Safari on iPhone using Web 2.0 technologies.
2005-08-11Corrected typos.
2005-06-04New document that discusses creating effective web content for Safari and the Web Kit.