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iOS Simulator allows you to rapidly prototype and test builds of your app during the development process. Installed as part of the Xcode tools along with the iOS SDK, iOS Simulator runs on your Mac and behaves like a standard Mac app while simulating an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch environment. Think of the simulator as a preliminary testing tool to use before testing your app on an actual device.

iOS Simulator enables you to simulate different iOS and Apple Watch devices and several versions of the iOS operating system. Each combination of a simulated device and software version is considered its own simulation environment, independent of the others, with its own settings and files. These settings and files exist on every device you test within a simulation environment.

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At a Glance

By simulating the operation of your app in iOS Simulator, you can:

  • Find major problems in your app during design and early testing

  • Test your app using developer tools that are available only for iOS Simulator

  • Learn about the Xcode development experience and the iOS development environment before becoming a member of the iOS Developer Program

This guide walks you through iOS Simulator, starting with the basics of how to use it and moving on to the tools found within iOS Simulator that can assist you in testing and debugging your apps.

Organization of This Document

Read the following chapters to learn how to use iOS Simulator:

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