Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari CSS Visual Effects Guide.

2012-07-23Documented support for CSS filters.
2012-01-13Updated artwork and made minor edits.
2011-12-15Edited and expanded.
2011-11-01Edited for style and clarity.
2011-10-12Updated, expanded, and revised for Safari 5.1 and iOS 5.0. Includes new examples and sample code.
2011-07-20Minor typo fix.
2010-11-03Applied minor edits throughout.
2010-05-26Made minor edits throughout.
2010-02-24Added information on radial gradients and made minor changes to the chapter "Gradients." Added "CSS" to the title.
2010-01-20Minor edits.
2009-07-27Minor edits throughout.
2009-06-08Minor edits throughout.
2009-03-16Added CSS gradients, masks, and reflections.
2008-11-19New document that describes how to add visual effects to web content that is supported by Safari on the desktop and iOS.